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Pakistan Marine Academy (PMA) is the only institution of Pakistan for training of Seafarers.
It is also the regional branch of World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden. PMA has
meritorious standing among galaxy of world's elite institutions for training of Merchant 

Our aim is to make academic career more flexible by articulating curricula in unison 
with desired professional requirements, emphasising on core competencies and
 leadership qualities. The Academy provides an environment geared up for professional 
learning and training in a congenial academic atmosphere, supported by quality
 teaching and requisite practical training through state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Merchant Navy serves as backbone of a country's economy, wherein, Merchant Mariners
 play a pivotal role towards national development. PMA prepares graduates for impending
 challenges of unprecedented nature by equipping them with knowledge of cutting-edge
 technologies. Therefore, curricula is designed & developed to ensure requisite professional
 education, training and skills in respective disciplines.

Your future completely relies on choice you exercise today; PMA is certainly a place for
 those who would like to join the professional Seafarers community.

Rahat Ahmed Awan SI(M)



Vision : A preeminent Maritime Institute of Pakistan, producing Seafarers to meet contemporary requirements at sea and ashore for local & international maritime industry. Mission: To produce professionally skilled and capable Human Resource in order to meet requirements of local and international Maritime Industry. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Name : Pakistan Marine Academy [previous name: Mercantile Marine Academy (1962-1971)]. Type : Full Government Institution. Administrative Organization : Ministry of Maritime Affairs. Monitoring (Academic) Organization : Ports & Shipping Wing, Karachi. Degree Awarding University : NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. Main Courses : i) Pre-Sea Cadet Training (Associate Degree Programme in Ship Management/Marine Engineering). ii) General Purpose Crew(GP-III) Training. Ancillary Courses : Post-Sea courses (IMO Model Courses). Form of Pre-Sea Course : Residential and Regimental. Working Language for Education : English. Yearly recruit of Cadets (Pre-Sea) :170 Cadets + 100 GP-III’s. Number of Trained Pre-Sea Cadets : Over 3000. Number of Trained Post-Sea Officers : 30,000 (Marine Officers & Marine Engineers). Campus Area : 136 Acres. Location : Located at sea-shore of Arabian Sea, at Hawksbay Road, Mauripur, Karachi. Website : Contact : Phone: +92-21-99241201-5; Fax +92-21-99241206 e-mail:

Pakistan Marine Academy was established in Chittagong, Bangladesh in 1962. It was located on the east bank of the river Karnaphuly, facing the Bay of Bengal. It was the first institution of its kind ever established in Pakistan to train merchant marine officers. Officers and staff from Pakistan Navy and known merchant mariners, trained from the private workshops took hold of the administration of this institution. Originally, the Academy provided pre-sea training for the cadets of Nautical and Engineering Branches. First batch of 41 cadets successfully passed out from the academy in 1964.

Adm. Ahsan and Com. R.V. Khan at the 6th Passing out Parade in Chittagong 1969.

Academy continued to produce fine officers year after year until 1971 when East Pakistan took independence in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. The academy was then shifted to Karachi temporarily in the two blocks of Haji Camp and the Campus in Juldiah was renamed as Bangladesh Marine Academy. Pakistan Marine Academy suffered a lot due to lack of administration and facilities until 1976 when new campus at its current location was built.

Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan inspecting the passing out parade at Haji Camp in 1975.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto inaugurated the institution in a stone laying ceremony. This campus occupied an area of 136 acres and was loaded with all the desired facilities at that time. Commodore S.M. Anwar was the first commandant of this renewed institution. He filled the academy with all the lacking facilities which included 8-bed Medical Centre and engineering and nautical model rooms. In 1979 Seamen training centre was also shifted inside the Academy from Haji Camp which worked under Ministry of Communications.

In 1986 Pakistan Marine Academy was affiliated with Karachi University for award of B.Sc.(Pass) in Maritime Studies to its Marine Engineering and Nautical(Deck). In 1997 Seamen Training Centre was merged with PMA and renamed as Seamen Training Wing.

In 2002 the examination system at PMA was changed from percentage system to GPA system as per the international standards. Today Pakistan Marine Academy houses 300 undergraduates and produces 150 graduates each year. The Seamen Training Wing houses 70 General Purpose trainees and produces 140 General Purpose Crew each year. PMA also conducts the post sea IMO Model/Short Courses for seafarers.

Now in 2012 affiliation of PMA with NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi has been approved for Award of Associate Degree in Ship Management/Marine Engineering to its Nautical and Marine Engineering Cadets on successful completion of two years pre-sea training.

Objective And Vision


1. 1971- Re-located to Karachi; 1976- Shifted to its present campus at Hawks Bay Road, Mauripur.
2. 1986-Affiliated to University of Karachi for award of B.Sc. degree in Maritime     
    Studies to its graduates on completion of two years training.
3. 1988 - Ship Maneuvering Simulator, Engine Plant Simulator and Radar/ARPA Simulators were installed with cooperation of JICA.
4. 1997 - Seamen Training Center was renamed as Seamen Training Wing and came under PMA. 
5. 2001 - Declared as branch of World Maritime University(WMU), Malmo, Sweden, for conduct of IMO Modular Courses.
6. 2002 - Global Maritime Distress Safety System(GMDSS) Simulator was installed.
7. 2002 - Examination system was changed from % (percentage) system to GPA system.
8. 2012 - PMA affiliated with NED University of Engineering and Technology for award of 2 years  
    Associate Degree program [Equivalent to B.Sc.(Pass)/Higher National Diploma(HND)].